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Together in Bible Translation (TiBT) / Fiaraha-miasa Lioka eto Madagasikara (FmL) came into being as the first organised effort to see Bible Translation take place in other language varieties of Madagascar than the Merina Malagasy which has had numerous Bible Translations done over the last 200 years.

We value the diversity of language varieties in Madagascar. We are committed to seeing God’s Word made accessible to all people groups of Madagascar, in the language which they understand best. Through this work, TiBT aims to be a driver for healing, transformation and development of communities in Madagascar.

Together in Bible Translation (TiBT) is also known as Fiaraha-miasa Lioka eto Madagasikara (FmL). Our name Together in Bible Translation reflects the togetherness, the close bonds that have been formed and are forming between people from different denominations, missions, languages and cultures involved in this important work.

Our Projects

We work as many teams consisting of mother tongue speakers, translating the Bible into the different language varieties of Madagascar. Click on the map or the button below to find out more about each of our teams.

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Our Latest Stories

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Not all languages put words in the same order and this can make life a little difficult for translators and consultants.
Kristoffer First Workshop Antakarana Bara Bible Translation Madagascar Malagasy

Newcomer’s insights from a recent workshop

…Through this, we learn that any language is suitable for speaking about God. Even Antakaraña and Bara.

Get Involved

We need more people to be involved, please use the links below to find out how you can pray for Madagascar and Together in Bible Translation or contact us about other opportunities. 

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